Extra Time Off Work!!!

So in the UK we’ve just had a Bank Holiday, which means an extra day off work on Monday!

Bank Holidays here are traditionally wet (we didn’t actually have any rain for once) and busy. This time of year is always especially busy as the kids are also off school for a week as it’s their half term holiday, so people tend to travel. It is also especially busy because if you have a partner you are asked made to do all the jobs that you put off for the rest of the year. In my case it was the garden 😦

We’ve only been in our house for just over a year and the previous owners left the front and back garden in a nice state so last Spring/Summer there wasn’t a lot to do. However, this year both gardens resembled a small Jungle that Neel Sethi (google him, I promise this joke makes sense!) would’ve been happy in. It’s fair to say when it comes to gardening I’m less Alan Titchmarsh and more Alan Partridge (again, google them, particularly if you are reading from outside of the UK) so I set out with my lawnmower, strimmer, saw and hedge trimmer to do some damage and, do some damage I did. It’s fair to say that when you give any man a power tool we take on a new identity, mine varied depending on what tool I was using. With hedge trimmer in hand I felt like some sort of Ninja, or a Jedi (I think I prefer the second one) with a light saber that could tackle the thickest of bushes and trees, unfortunately I went a little crazy and was then left with a pile of garden waste that wouldn’t look out of place in a mountain range. Eventually the front garden was done and I felt a sense of pride, knowing I’d done the majority of the work and only let my heavily pregnant wife (more on that her further posts I’m sure) put a few branches and leaves in bin bags. So that was my Sunday in a nutshell, but after a Saturday of playing Rugby I was doubly shattered and thoroughly deserved laying on the Sofa for the rest of the evening watching TV and doing nothing else.

This brings me to the extra time off work, the additional 8 days of holiday a year that all workers in UK long for, a day where parks are full, roads are busy and DIY centres are close to bursting. We always make plans to go out and ‘do something’ but this time was different. I’d got to Sunday night with no mention of “What are we doing tomorrow?”, I knew I was being lulled into a false sense of security but I let it slide, maybe being less than a week off our baby’s due date she was tired and just wanted to relax. Of course not. More gardening. We were both knackered so had a lazy morning, finally pulling on some old clothes around midday and making our way outside. I made a deal that we would only mow the lawn and strim around the edges, thinking a couple of hours and I’d be sat in front of the TV again. 4 hours later and I was getting my first shower of the day…at 4pm. It was my wife’s dad’s 60th Birthday this weekend, so we’d decided that a family BBQ would best mark the occasion. I did my best Gordon Ramsay and heroically cooked the sausages and steaks for the extended family, not a hint of food poisoning this morning from anyone which is always a bonus, taking my overall BBQ performance to 13 years cooked and only a couple of incidents with undercooked sausages – a record I’m proud of! Between me, my father-in-law and brother-in-law we managed to put away 5 bottles of wine, this morning was interesting…



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