Times Of The Day…

As I’m writing this, it’s lunchtime. I’m a big food eater so I find it really interesting that the thoughts that dominate your writing at different times of the day can be so varied.

Take yesterday for example, I wrote the post early in the morning (when I was supposed to be working) and my commute dominated my thoughts and ultimately my post.

Now, all I can think about is food and in particular, what I’m going to eat for lunch.

Just to let you know, my morning was a bit of a struggle. I actually managed to take the dogs for a walk although this meant arriving at work at 9:16am…oops. But at least the wife was semi-happy.

So back to my favourite subject, food! I often wonder why I’m pushing 19 stone (120kgs/266lbs) and then I remember, I sit at my desk all day rarely moving and feast on whatever delights the rest of the management team decide is that day’s treat. I won’t go into specific brands, but needless to say there are 6 or 7 fast food outlets, 3 supermarkets, 2 petrol stations and countless sandwich shops within a mile or so of where I work. I’m slightly active, but those who I play rugby with will know I’m not exactly an athlete and in training can usually be found bringing up the rear when doing any serious running. I would liken my athletic ability to a 1500m runner. Not for the reasons you may think though, basically for 3 and a half minutes, I’m good, then I’m done!

So now I find myself in a difficult position, do I go and get something healthy? But then again who actually wants to eat salad (that’s what Food eats!). So I’ve decided, burger and fries meal it is…and maybe an extra burger…and maybe some cheese bites…and a wrap! J


3 thoughts on “Times Of The Day…

  1. I’ve moved to a standing desk at work which helps a little bit, but finding time to excercise is still a challenge! And the smell of freshly cooked fries or pizza is often hard to pass up in order to eat healthy.

    I’d love to get your thoughts on my blog (https://smm2016blog.wordpress.com). I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve viewership, so if you have advise, please let me know!


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