The beginning…

I’ve always wanted to write and I’ve always thought about writing a blog, just wasn’t ever sure what to write about!

Then it hit me…I usually daydream about this sort of stuff while I’m supposed to be working…at work! I tend to do this a lot. I’m pretty sure I’m not cut out for a 9-5 job and often find myself doing what I can to pass the time while making myself look busy (an art I have down to a tee).

So, I decided to start writing about the daily grind and what I actually do in a day, hopefully with amusing happenings as I go.

Let’s see what happens! J


One thought on “The beginning…

  1. That’s so cool!! every person has different story! so you will have unique post/stories!! enjoy writing, and yes you are welcome on my blog 🙂 ..


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