Extra Time Off Work!!!

So in the UK we’ve just had a Bank Holiday, which means an extra day off work on Monday! Bank Holidays here are traditionally wet (we didn’t actually have any rain for once) and busy. This time of year is always especially busy as the kids are also off school for a week as it’s […]

Times Of The Day…

As I’m writing this, it’s lunchtime. I’m a big food eater so I find it really interesting that the thoughts that dominate your writing at different times of the day can be so varied. Take yesterday for example, I wrote the post early in the morning (when I was supposed to be working) and my […]

The beginning…

I’ve always wanted to write and I’ve always thought about writing a blog, just wasn’t ever sure what to write about! Then it hit me…I usually daydream about this sort of stuff while I’m supposed to be working…at work! I tend to do this a lot. I’m pretty sure I’m not cut out for a […]

Your Submissions

It would be great to hear of your own struggles, time-wasting techniques or just funny stories about your working day. I’ll try and include as many as possible in future blogs. Thanks! J theworkingstruggle@gmail.com